777x Andy Warhol, 777x Gustav Klimt, 777x Claude Monet

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The NFT Art Project

Representing the Masters of art history + DAO for Creators & Collectors

MAD Masters is a unique, long-term and high artistic NFT project that pays homage to the masters of art history. It is a collaborative project with artists from all over the world. Also we're building a supportive community for artists and artlovers - the Cult Of Arts - and a community driven support & charity fund. We are the first nft project with paid community roles.

In each new MAD Masters release, the circulation is shortened and the mint price is raised at the same time. The total circulation will never exceed 10,000pc.

  • Collaboration with international artists
  • NFT side project -> Madventures
    Collaboration works from members

The MAD Masters

The Cult of Arts (COA)

The MAD Queen

Come hither mine friends, step forth to my chamber,
Delve into my great cult of art.
I rule in this realm, for the MAD queen am I,
Arts wonders are what fill my heart.

Here we pay homage to those noble beings
Who inspired us through their work.
We praise these magicians, these masters and gods,
Who shine through life’s darkness and murk.

A new era of art have we shaped and wrought,
A currency rich with mystique.
And know this, each master is one of a kind,
A rare gift that’s worth is unique.

Many are among us, disciples with skill,
All loyal to our great endeavour.
Great riches they earn, for in Ether we pay,
We’re indebted to them forever.

And so, I invite you, whoever you are,
To enter into our cults arms.
For we know that if you’re a lover of art,
You’ll fall deep in love with our charms.

The MAD Fund

Our project is not just about the historical artists, but also the masters of today and tomorrow. We want to support artists in our DAO and also non-profit projects. The community decides how our MAD fund is used. This is the allocation of funds by our Constitution:

  • Approx. 10% for charities (cultural institutions, climate protection, third world, medicine...)
  • Approx. 20% as royalties for active COA members
  • Approx. 20% for marketing measures
  • Approx. 50% for the promotion of artists (incl. purchase of art)
The MAD Officials
  • The MAD President

    The President

    Voted by the community after each MAD Masters release


    • Speaker in our DAO and Part of the COA Congress
    • Rewards active community members
    • Primary point of contact for members' ideas and concerns
    • Moderate, conduct votings 
    Earn 0.07 ETH Purple ETH diamond / month
  • MAD Ministers

    2x Senators

    Voted by the community after each MAD Masters release


    • Appoint other officials like Moderators
    • Help to develop and grow this project as part of the COA congress
    • Contact person for the members
    Earn 0.05 ETH Purple ETH diamond / month
  • The MAD Moderators

    2x Moderators

    Nominated by the Senators


    • Welcome new Members
    • Help with questions and problems
    • Keep the spirits up!
    Earn 0.02 ETH Purple ETH diamond / month


  • Membership to the Cult Of Arts DAO - an Ecosystem for the Web3 art world
  • Special roles and privileges for art Creators and Collectors
    • Collectors: Double voting rights for measures to support artists, be in exchange with big artists of the NFT scene, find and build the stars of tomorrow, network, get insider knowledge 
    • Creators: Get promotion and support (by COA social media channels, the community - other artists and collectors, paid promotions, buys to the community wallet, MAD.Gallery exhibitions), exchange with artists, get technical assistance (Social Media, Websites, Smartcontracts..) 
  • Profit sharing from the proceeds of the resales
  • MAD Officials which will be voted by the COA Members
  • Support of artists and charitable projects through the MAD Fund
  • Building the MAD.Gallery - online exhibitions with detailed stories of creators and their works with charity auctions
  • Additional royalties for active members and insider knowledge
  • Artistic high quality and unprecedented collaboration between artists around the world
  • Healthy project growth and increase in value by increasing the mint price after each release

Royalties and MAD fund assets

MAD Masters NFT holder royalties:

  • 5% of the mint revenues Purple ETH diamond
  • 10% of the NFT resale revenues Purple ETH diamond
  • 22% of the MAD.Gallery revenues Purple ETH diamond
  • Airdrops of MAD Masters and MAD Creators NFTs Purple ETH diamond

MAD fund assets:

  • 15% of the mint revenues
  • 33% of the MAD.Gallery revenues
  • 50% of the NFT resale revenues